Why I’m Running

I am running to serve as Vice President of YDATL because I believe that I am well-qualified for the position, and because I feel personally compelled to contribute to the successful growth of our chapter – particularly in our  current political climate.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of YDATL for the past two years, and I have particularly enjoyed serving as the Social Chair on the 2018 Executive Board. In this role I planned and executed four successful social events for our chapter, including:

  • A happy hour mixer in April for chapter members to meet and mingle with primary election Democratic candidates for the 2018 election.
  • A viewing party in May, held in conjunction with Red Clay Democrats, to watch the primary election results.
  • A political trivia night in August, which attracted over 80 participants, including people new to our chapter.
  • A viewing party in November, held in partnership with Red Clay Democrats, to watch the general election results.

I believe that my experience as the Social Chair will be an asset in the role of Vice President. Additionally, I feel strongly compelled to contribute my time and energy to YDATL in our current political climate. I believe it is important now more than ever to amplify and support the voices and actions of the Democratic elected officials in our city, and I am eager to help strengthen the progressive community in Atlanta.

For these reasons I believe that I am an excellent candidate to serve as the YDATL Vice President in 2019, and I humbly ask for your vote on December 5.